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Our current staff consist of:

  • Co-Director - Maral Jefroudi
  • Co-Director - Alex de Jong
  • Commercial manager - Aat van Wijk
  • Librarian - Arend van de Poel


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Former directors (13)

Few people have contributed to forming and developing the Institute like our former directors. We would like to thank each of them for the great amount of work they have done to make the institute what it is today.

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IIRE Islamabad (2)


IIRE Islamabad

The International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE) Islamabad is an independent chapter of IIRE Amsterdam. IIRE Islamabad is established in 2010 in collaboration with Amsterdam office. Now the institute is functioning independently with the aim to develop a cadre of political, human rights and peace activists to strengthen the democratic and progressive environment for the development of society.



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Dr. Peter Drucker, a graduate of Yale (BA magna cum laude in history, 1979) and Columbia (PhD in political science, 1994) Universities, was IIRE Co-Director from 1993 to 2006. Since leaving the IIRE staff he has continued his close association with the institute as a Fellow. He teaches at the great majority of IIRE sessions, uses the institute as a base for his research, and continues to help shape its curriculum as an active member of its committee on education.


Over the years Peter has taught at the IIRE in a wide range of fields, recently with two main focuses. He teaches at virtually every IIRE Youth School on US and European imperialism and the geopolitical role of emerging powers, with a particular concentration on upheavals in the Middle East. For this topic he draws on his own activist experience, notably his work as programme co-ordinator in New York for National Mobilization for Survival (1989-92).
At IIRE sessions for more advanced students he focuses on intersections between sexuality, class and national/ethnic/religious/'racial' identities, with a concentration on interactions between Europe and the Islamic world. This was his focus for example at the 2015 IIRE Women's Seminar, where he was the only male guest lecturer. It has also been one of his topics at the IIRE LGBTIQ Strategy Seminars, which he conceived and coordinated as IIRE Co-Director in 1998, 2000 and 2002 and co-organized in 2009 and 2014.


Peter has emerged in the 21st century as a leading Marxist scholar in queer studies. His special contributions concern the roots of 'homonormativity' in neoliberalism, the impact of neoliberal globalization on same-sex sexualities in dependent countries, and links between queer and anti-capitalist resistance. He is also working on a series of studies on gender and sexual dimensions of Islamophobia, in both Europe and the Middle East. Finally, he continues his long-term work on the history of US and European socialism, connecting it to the left's record on feminist and LGBTIQ issues.


2015 'Gay normality and queer transformation' (in Zapruder World: International Journal for the History of Social Conflict, vol. 2)
2015 Warped: Gay Normality and Queer Anti-Capitalism (Leiden/Chicago: Brill/Historical Materialism) (see ; available online from the IIRE:
'[I]n engaging prose, with insightful readings of theorists and activists across many movements and continents, [Warped] attempts a new synthesis ... one of the most ambitious new books ... about the [LGBTQ] movement.' - Urvashi Vaid
2014 'Conceptions of sexual freedom in Marcuse, Foucault and Rubin' (in Journal of the International Network of Sexual Ethics and Politics (INSEP) vol. 2, no. 2)
2007 'Marxism' (in Routledge International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities, London: Routledge)
2004 'Introducción: redefinición de las identidades sexuales' (in Peter Drucker ed., Arco Iris Diferentes - Spanish translation of Different Rainbows - Mexico City: Siglo XXI Editores)
2004 '"More freedom" or "more harmony"?: Henriette Roland Holst, Jacques Engels and the influence of class and gender on socialists' sexual attitudes' (in Jesse Battan et al. eds., Meetings & Alcoves, Dijon: Editions Universitaires)
2000 'Introduction: remapping sexualities' and 'Reinventing liberation' (in Peter Drucker ed., Different Rainbows, London: GMP)
'[A] unique, long-needed, and immensely valuable book ... brilliantly bound together by [its] editor. [Its] significance cannot be overstated.' - Martin Duberman
1994 Max Shachtman and His Left: A Socialist's Odyssey through the 'American Century' (Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press)
'Well written, well argued, and a major contribution to the history of Marxism and socialism in the U.S.' - Michael Löwy

Advocacy/public scholarship

'Same-sex marriage: an ambiguous victory' (New Politics, July 2015)
'Ireland's victory for marriage equality' (Public Seminar, July 2015)
Plenary speaker on 'Decolonizing our bodies', ILGA World Conference, Mexico City (October 2014)
Lecturer (video at and Member, Comité de parrainage, 'Marx au XXIe siècle', Université de Paris I (Sorbonne)
'Cosa insegnano i Paesi Bassi al movimento LGBIT' ('What the Netherlands has to teach the LGBTI movement' (Italy), interview by Mauro Muscio, Feb. 2014)
'Ir a uma sauna é uma liberdade limitada' ('Going to the bathhouse is a limited kind of freedom' (Portugal), interview by Bruno Horta, Time Out Lisboa, Feb. 2013)
April/June 2007 'Entwicklungspolitik andersrum: Vom kampf der Lesben, Schwulen, Bisexuellen und Transgender um soziale Rechten' ('Alternative development policy: on the LGBT struggle for social rights' (Germany), in Hinterland, no. 4)
'"Buiten de orde": homo-emancipatie en islamophobie' ('Lesbian/gay emancipation and fear of Islam' (Netherlands), in Grenzeloos, no. 84, Nov./Dec. 2005)'buiten-de-orde'
'For en kritisk dialog' ('For a critical dialogue [between queer theory and Marxism]' (Denmark), in Socialistisk Information, no. 197, May 2005)
'Rechten voor holebi's: een identiteit voor het neoliberaal Europa?' ('Lesbian/gay rights: an identity for neoliberal Europe?' (Netherlands), in De Internationale, no. 78, Fall 2001)
'"Gay marriage?"' (editor and co-author of survey of European same-sex marriage legislation and debates in International Viewpoint, no. 308, Feb. 1999)

Maral Jefroudi studied Political Science, Sociology and History at the Bogazici University, Istanbul and the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.  She was a fellow at MacMillan Area Studies Center at Yale University in 2010 and Weatherhead Initiative on Global History at Harvard University in 2013. She was a member of Freedom and Solidarity Party in Turkey and was active in the organization of Social Forum movement and the World Tribunal on Iraq. She is fluent in Turkish, Persian, and English.

She is one of the two IIRE codirectors since October 2014.

The Institut International de Recherches et de Formation (IIRF) or in English International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE), is a Belgian Non Profit International Association. It was founded by Ernest Mandel and has been recognized as an International Scientific and Non Profit Association by Royal decree on 11 June 1981.

The IIRF is being registered in Brussels, Belgian at the Kruispuntbank nr. 421632274.
In Amsterdam the IIRF/IIRE is registered at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam nr. 34242044, as congress and study centre, as well as organiser of education sources, seminars, conferences and research. The VAT number of the IIRF is:
NL 8153.35.210.B01.

The IIRF has members and a board.
The present board members are:

Joost Kircz- Chairman
Marijke Colle- Secretary
Penelope Duggan- Member


Historian Jan Willem Stutje has published on the Dutch and international workers movement. Stutje has written the biography of the Dutch communist Paul de Groot (Paul de Groot, De man die de weg wees). His biography of Ernest Mandel (Ernest Mandel, Rebel tussen droom en daad) was translated into German and English. In May 2012 he published the biography of Dutch socialist pioneer Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis.

The International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE)

In the service of progressive forces across Pakistan”


Introduction: The International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE) Islamabad is an independent chapter of IIRE Amsterdam. IIRE Islamabad established in 2010 in collaboration with Amsterdam office. Now institute is functioning independently with aim to develop cadre of political, human rights and peace activists to strengthen the democratic and progressive environment for the development of society.

Democracy and Democratic Institute:

Pakistan is facing multiple challenges caused by uneven and unfair political and economic development. From the day first of the formation of the country, the democratic political system and institute couldn’t run properly, as military directly intervene and rule the country around 35 years out of 66. Continues interruption in political processes also triggering numerous social, religious and economic issues at various levels. Country is suffering a lot because of extremism and militancy since long time which is badly affecting the whole society specially working class, women and religious minorities.

Human Rights Violations:

Due to political, economic and social instability the rights of common peoples are being violated by state and non state actors’. The basic human rights abuse and intolerance is one of the bleak areas in society. Political rights violations and forced disappearance of political and human rights activists is another critical phenomenon. As per different reports thousands of activists are disappeared allegedly by state actors and their supported Jahad’s groups. Despite massive protest and campaigning bullet riddled dead bodies being received rather than safe recovery. The political and human rights activist are under threat and unable to freely express their views.

Discriminatory Laws:

Discriminatory laws against religious minorities are one of the strong instruments to harass and target the minorities. Number of Muslim and non Muslim political leadership and activists has been targeted on the basis of these laws. Without religious harmony, respect of humanity and appropriate legislation these issue could not adequately address.

Women are suffering because of Rights Violations:

Although adequate legislations has been made to protect the women. But question is who will implement the legislation in the best interest of women. Domestic violence, harassment at work and public palaces, forced marriages and honor killing are some prominent examples of violence against women. Simultaneously still in number of areas there is ban on girls’ education, jobs and no health facilities for women.

Environment and Climatic Issues:

As south Asian region particularly Pakistan suffering a lot since last many years due to global warming and climate change. A recurrent devastating flood at national level is one of the adverse impacts of climate change and threatening poor and marginalized people.

The IIRE Islamabad shares the belief of grassroots activists that societies can and must be changed democratically from grassroots. This change must be made primarily by those who suffer from exploitation, oppression and injustice. The IIRE reflects the importance of situating each struggle in a particular country in a broader context, and of the need to develop wide-ranging international solidarity.

IIRE Islamabad Focused Areas:

Being a research and education institute and keeping in view the above mentioned situation following are majors focused areas;

  • To organize political schools, seminars, workshops and conferences to develop, democratic, progressive and political cadre
  • Human rights education and promotion
  • Establishing network, between democratic, secular and progressive forces. Also organizing campaign for the awareness and education of common people.
  • To raise awareness on Environmental and climatic issues and lunched campaigns for climate justice.
  • Advocacy for the promotion of peace, tolerance and harmony against extremism.

Publications:Since the establishment of institute following are the major publications on different issues;

  • Analytical study on “Public financing on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and its effectiveness in District Bagh AJ&K”
  • Analytical study on “Disasters preparedness, risks reduction and public financing on DRR in District Muzafrabad AJ&K”

Governance/Directors of Institute:

  • One Director
  • Five members board of Directors


IIRE Islamabad is registered institute as trust with the government of Pakistan in Islamabad.

Account Detail :

International institute for research & education Islamabad. Account No 0537119001003558 Muslim Commercial Bank F-8 Markaz Islamabad. Swift Code :MUCBPKKA Branch Code : 1445

Contact Details:



Aat van Wijk studied printing design and photography and was chairperson of the Den Haag union local of workers in the printing industry. He also has years of experience running his own theatre and later an Indonesian restaurant. In the sixties he became politically active and he was a member of the Red Youth until its dissolution.

Leftwing journals and theory

International Viewpoint Online socialist magazine
Inprecor Actualités politiques internationales de la revue Inprecor sous reponsabilité de la Quatrième internationale
Punto de Vista Internacional El sitio web en castellano de la Cuarta Internacional
New Left Review Journal published every two months from London
Historical Materialism Journal Research in Critical Marxist Theory
La revue Contretemps fondée par le philosophe Daniel Bensaïd en 2001
Democracia Socialista  
Le site de Daniel Bensaïd  
Ernest Mandel Internet archive
Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal  
Resistance Books Publisher of ecosocialist books
Uitpers Webzine voor Internationale Politiek


Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières  
CADTM Comité pour l’abolition de la dette du tiers-monde
IISG International Institute of Social History

Regular visitors of the IIRE

Black European Summer School  
Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen  
Viva las Vegas  
Clean Clothes Campaign  
Schone Kleren  
Food Film Festival  
Campagne tegen de wapenhandel  

Ecology, ecosocialism

Climate and Capitalism  
The Carbon Tracker Initiative  

Women’s movement

Marche Mondiale des Femmes  
World March of Women  
Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres  
Sisyphe, site féministe d’information, d’analyse et d’opinion  

Farmers, food sovereignty

La Via Campesina International Peasant Movement
IIRE Manila  


SOWS Stichting voor Onderzoek naar en vorming in het Wetenschappelijk Socialisme
With this charity foundation we closely work together in our educational and reasearch projects.
The SOWS is one the main donors for our non-commercial acitivties.

Arend van de Poel (1948) was born in Amsterdam. In 1966 he became involved in the Vietnam-movement and became a member of the SJ (Socialist Youth). He soon developed towards a revolutionary socialist position and when the Dutch section re-entered the Fourth International, he became a member. He worked from 1973 as a financial specialist for the municipality of Amsterdam and took part in major trade union activities, some related to pay and working conditions, some more political, such as the demonstrations of civil servants against deployment of cruise missiles and against racial discrimination

Herman Pieterson (Amsterdam, 1951) is historian. He published work on the Dutch revolutionary parties RSP, OSP and RSAP. He worked as a teacher in Higher Education and as data-expert for the public authorities. Currently he is researching the contribution of Dutch economists to the theory of economic long waves.

Herman Pieterson was co-director from 1985 to 1988.

The IIRE is home to an unique collection of texts on the history of the social movement and radical social theory, with a special focus on the history and thought of the Fourth International. Our library consists of over 25,000 books and several thousand periodicals. Most of the books are in one of the IIRE's three working languages, English, French and Spanish; but there are also significant collections in German, Portuguese and Italian, with smaller collections in several other languages. The work of completing the computer cataloguing is now under way and you can consult the catalogue here. Besides the use made of the library by our lecturers and students, it is available to researchers for consultation by appointment. We welcome large- and small-scale donations to our library.

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