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Ecosocialist School


Since 2012, our three week school is called the Ecosocialist School. We understand that the ecological crisis must be central in the strategy and practice of activists for social change, and we hope this school contributes to the renewal of socialist thought among broad layers of activists.  The Ecosocialist School is tri-lingual: English, French and Castilian.

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Youth School

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These ten-day courses offer a short but intensive introduction to left wing thought and organising, especially oriented towards young activists. Originally intended for activists in European youth organizations, the Youth Schools have become more global in the last few years. The schools are conducted in English, French and Castilian.

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The IIRE regularly organizes seminars: meetings that are shorter than our schools and focus on specific issues, bringing together activists and scholars. The seminars are intended to develop new research and generate debate on questions facing activists. These meetings often lead to new publications in our Notebooks for Study and Research series. Most seminars are organized in cooperation with our fellows. Recent examples include seminars on healthcare in Europe, the women's movement and ecology.

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Evening Lectures


The IIRE regularly organizes evening lectures on various topics related to our work. Unless otherwise noted, the evening lecturers are in English.

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IIRE Manila

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Since 2008 the IIRE Amsterdam has been cooperating closely with its sister organization in Manila, in the Philippines. The mission of the IIRE Manila is similar to that of the IIRE Amsterdam, with a special focus on Asia. We cooperate on organizing courses and our fellows and staff contribute the activities of the IIRE Manila. They organize a yearly Asian Global Justice School which has been a great step forward in building an Asian network of anti-capitalist activists and organizations.


The IIRE Amsterdam provides organizational support to the IIRE Manila and cooperates with them in preparing courses.

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Other Activities

As well as our own seminars and schools, the IIRE regularly hosts meetings, seminars, and congresses organized by collaborators and partner organizations. The IIRE building is an excellent venue for all kinds of activities, and we are happy to make the most of it. Proposals and requests are welcome!

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