ACTIVIDADES Conferencias Public meeting: What way out of the debt crisis?
Miércoles, 02 Noviembre 2011 17:52

Public meeting: What way out of the debt crisis?

17 november, 8pm - IIRE Conference Center 



* Lessons from Argentina by Claudio Katz, economist, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* The crisis in Europe and the struggle for the abolition of the debt  by Eric Toussaint, President of the CADTM (Committee for the Abolition of the Third World Debt) 

* Presentation of the Brochure "Europa en de Crisis. Het verhaal van een aangekondigde ramp" by Ander Europa and the IIRE

The debt crisis has become the central issue of the today's global economic crisis. The possibility of a Greek default and of a chain reaction, which would put in danger the whole European and maybe the worldwide financial system, has become in the last period a central concern for the ruling classes and the governments. To get out of this crisis, the FMI, the EU and the ECB are proposing generalised austerity measures which are supposed guarantee the payment of the debt. In this way, the debt is used as a reason to impose regressive social and economic measures on the working classes. But what are the reasons for this explosion of public debt? Is there another way to go out of this crisis? Is the payment of the debt necessary and/or positive? What would be the effects of a default? The experience of the Third World countries, which have suffered for decades the burden of the external public debt, has now become extremely relevant to answering these questions.  Both lectures will be in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English and Dutch    This public evening is organised as part of the 2nd IIRE Economy Seminar on the Global Crisis   Please confirm assistance on the facebook event:


ACTIVIDADES Conferencias Public meeting: What way out of the debt crisis?