Friday morning 18 November 2011:

9h00 to 9h15: Welcome and presentation of the seminar.

9h15 to 10H00. The emergence of a multipolar world and the new face of imperialism. Speaker: Cedric Durand, France.

10h00 – 10h45: Debate.10H45- 11H15: The return of the food and energy crisis: structural problems and/or financial speculation? Speaker: Sean Thompson, UK.

11H15 – 12H00: Debate.

12h00 to 13h30 Lunch


Friday afternoon.

13h30 to 14h30: The economic background of the political rebellion in North Africa and the Middle-East. Possible speakers: Adam Hanieh (UK).

14h30 to 14h45: Pause

14h45 to 15h30: Debate

15H30 to 15H45: Pause

15h45 to 16h45: The state of the economy in Latin America. Speaker, Claudio Katz (Argentina)

16H45 to 17H00: Pause.

17H to 18h00: Debate

19h00: Dinner.


Saturday morning, 19 November

9h00 to 9H30: Introduction to the special debate on Europe: new developments of the crisis in Europe: the debt trap. Speaker: Eric Toussaint, 30 minutes.

9h30-10h30: Exiting the Eurozone: a good or bad solution? Speakers, 20 minutes each: Costas Lapavitsas (UK), Michel Husson, Philippe Légé (France)

10h30 to 10H45: Pause

10h45 to 11h10: alternatives on the debt and fiscal crisis in Europe. Speaker Özlem Onaran (UK), 25 minutes.

11H10 to 12H30: debate.

12h30 to 14h00 Lunch

Saturday afternoon.

14H00 to 14H50: debate.

14h50 to 15h30: Conclusions on Europe: agreement, disagreements and proposals, Costas, Michel, Philippe, Eric and Özlem, 8 minutes each.

15h30-15h45: Pause

15H45 to 16H45: The state of the crisis in the USA. Joel Geier, ISO, (USA).

16h45-17h00: Pause

17h00 to 18h00: Debate

19h00: Dinner.


Sunday morning, 20 November

9h00 to 9H45: Presentation: The Chinese economy and its impact on world growth. Speaker: Jean Sanuk (France).

9h45 to 10h00: Pause.

10h00 to 10h45 Debate

10h45 to 11h30: The economic and political situation in South Africa. Speaker: Brian Ashley, South Africa, (to be confimed).

11h30 to 12h15: debate on Africa.

12H15-13H30: Lunch Sunday afternoon.

13H30 to 14H00: Closure of the seminar

14H00: Departure

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This second seminar is a follow-up of the seminar on the economic crisis held in October 2-4 2009. The first seminar was dedicated to the analysis of the immediate consequences of the so-called “subprime crisis” in the USA, namely the rescue of bankrupt banks with public money, the demise of international financial markets, and the deep recession that followed with its dramatic consequences in terms of massive dismissals and increase of poverty.



Since its origin, the IIRE combines the organization of seminars and educationals with the publication of books and Notebooks for Study and Research, which aim at making the results of the Institute research accessible for a large audience. It is the spirit of the Notebooks for Study and Research Series, which reaches today its number 50. This series had begun in 1986 with an exceptional contribution: “La place du marxisme dans l'histoire” by Ernest Mandel. This book, number one of the Notebooks for Study and Research, was the result of a series of seminars Ernest Mandel had given at the IIRE.