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Nuestro equipo de trabajo actual está compuesto por:

  • Co-Director - Alex Merlo
  • Co-Director - Alex de Jong
  • Commercial manager - Aat van Wijk
  • Librarian - Arend van de Poel


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Former directors (13)

Few people have contributed to forming and developing the Institute like our former directors. We would like to thank each of them for the great amount of work they have done to make the institute what it is today.

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IIRE Islamabad (2)


IIRE Islamabad

The International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE) Islamabad is an independent chapter of IIRE Amsterdam. IIRE Islamabad is established in 2010 in collaboration with Amsterdam office. Now the institute is functioning independently with the aim to develop a cadre of political, human rights and peace activists to strengthen the democratic and progressive environment for the development of society.



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Martes, 10 Julio 2007 08:41


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Das Internationale Institut für Forschung und Bildung

im Dienst der fortschrittlichen Kräfte auf der Welt

Das Internationale Institut für Forschung und Bildung (International Institute for Research and Education - IIRE oder Institut International pour la Recherche et la Formation - IIRF) mit Sitz in Amsterdam ist ein Zentrum, das die Förderung von Forschung und Bildung von politisch Aktiven und von Forscherinnen und Forschern weltweit zum Ziel hat.

Lunes, 02 Julio 2007 20:14


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L'Institut International de Recherche et de Formation

au service des forces progressistes dans le monde

L'Institut International de Recherche et de Formation (IIRF), basée à Amsterdam, est un centre dont le but est de favoriser les recherches et la formation pour des militants et des chercheurs dans le monde.

Formerly our Director of Women's Studies, Ms. Duggan is a historian holding degrees from the University of Kent (Britain) and the University of Paris 7, and a longterm radical and feminist activist.  She lectured at the first IIRE session in 1982 on the situation and radicalization of women workers and regularly lectures on women's participation in politics as well as general issues of radical strategy and organisation.

Ms. Duggan takes active responsibility in the overall planning and shaping of the political and educational programmes of the IIRE, particularly in developing specific programmes for women and youth activists.

She is the author of Working Paper no. 14, Helena Molony: Actress, Feminist, Nationalist, Socialist and Trade-Unionist, based on original research on the life of this Irish woman activist, and of no. 33, The Feminist Challenge to Traditional Political Organizing, based on her lectures.  She is also co-editor with Heather Dashner of Notebook for Study and Research no. 22 , Women's Lives in the New Global Economy , bringing together contributions from other occasional lecturers or participants at IIRE courses.


Jueves, 28 Junio 2007 18:08


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Uluslararası Araştırma ve Eğitim Enstitüsü

-          Dünyadaki ilerici güçlerin hizmetindedir

Amsterdam’da bululan Uluslararası Araştırma ve Eğitim Enstitüsü (IIRE), amacı dünyanın dört bir yanındaki aktivist ve akademisyenlere eğitim ve araştırma desteği sunmak olan bir merkezdir.

Jueves, 28 Junio 2007 18:03


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Istituto Internazionale per la Ricerca e la Formazione (IIRF)

-         al servizio dei forze di sinistra.


L’Istituto Internazionale per la Ricerca e la Formazione (IIRF), con base ad Amsterdam, è un centro che ha come obiettivo quello di favorire l’approfondimento nell’ambito della ricerca e della formazione politica per gli/le attivisti/e e gli studiosi di tutto il mondo.

Michel Husson (born 1949) is a French economist specialised in econometrics. Husson is a member of the body of administrators of the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies. He is equally a member of the Copernic Foundation and of ATTAC's scientific board.

Selected Publications:

  • Travail flexible, salariés jetables, La Découverte, 2006.
  • Supprimer les licenciements, Syllepse, 2006.
  • Les casseurs de l’État social, La Découverte, 2003.
  • Le grand bluff capitaliste, La Dispute, 2001.
  • Six milliards sur la planète : sommes-nous trop ?, Textuel, 2000.
  • Les ajustements de l’emploi, Page deux, 1999.
Braulio Moro is a Mexican economist currently living and working in France.

François Vercammen works for the Ernest Mandel Foundation, he is director of the Brussels research centre.

François Vercammen was co-director from 1982 to 1985.

Dr. Peter Drucker, a graduate of Yale (BA magna cum laude in history, 1979) and Columbia (PhD in political science, 1994) Universities, previously served as programme co-ordinator in New York for National Mobilization for Survival (1989-91). He was IIRE Co-Director between 1993 and 2006. He is the author of Max Shachtman and His Left (1994) (available from Prometheus Books).

 Drucker's teaching and research at the IIRE includes work on the origins of national and ethnic identities and conflicts, particularly in the Middle East, and the history of radical political thought and movements. He has turned his attention recently to the history of sexuality and the European socialist left. A paper he gave in October 2001 on the sexual attitudes in the mid-1920s of leading Dutch Marxists Henriette Roland Holst and Jacques Engels can now be downloaded from the website of the International Institute for Social History - click here.

Dr. Drucker has been lecturing since his arrival on staff in 1993 about liberation movements of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people in the Third World. In 1994 his research took form as an IIRE Working Paper, in 1996 as an article in the London-based New Left Review. In 1998, 2000 and 2002 he worked to include Third World participants and highlight Third World issues at the IIRE's Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Strategy Seminars.

He has also edited and introduced a pioneering anthology on Third World gays and the left, called Different Rainbows.

Even before publication the book evoked high praise. Martin Duberman, Distinguished Professor of History at the City University of New York and the unofficial dean of US lesbian/gay studies, called it "a unique, long-needed, and immensely valuable book" whose "significance cannot be overstated". "The essays ... are brilliantly bound together by the book's editor", he added. Urvashi Vaid of the NGLTF Policy Institute, one of the most prominent figures on the US lesbian/gay left, called it "essential and engagingly written". More recently John D'Emilio has decribed Drucker's introduction as 'one of the best analyses yet written of gay identities and politics on a global scale'.

Drucker's conclusion argues, "Full lesbian/gay equality requires Third World liberation in a broader sense: liberation from poverty and dependency." He suggests that Third World movements are beginning to forge a new model of "liberation without ghettoization", which lesbian/gay movements in developed capitalist countries can also learn from.

Poca gente ha contribuido a formar y desarrollar el Instituto tanto como nuestros ex directores. Quisiéramos agradecer a cada uno de ellos por la gran cantidad de trabajo que han realizado para hacer del Instituto lo que es hoy.

Nuestros ex directores son:


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