Activiteiten Jongeren school 24 Attend Annual IIRE Youth School

24 Attend Annual IIRE Youth School

With 24 participants, 12 women and 12 men, coming from Denmark, Belgium, France, Philippines, Spain and Turkey, this year's IIRE Youth School proved a big success.

"This was a unique real experience in internationalism" said one of the young participants, at the school which was tri-lingual with simultaneous interpretation between English, French and Spanish. The 10-day long IIRE Youth School provides young activists with a break from regular campaigning, creating a space where they come together to study and discuss more theoretical and strategic issues. The participants made good use of the Ernest Mandel Library, while they read the works of classical and contemporary radical thinkers.


With a full day per topic, the participants had sufficient time to go in-depth with a number of challenges that progressive movements are faced with today. Among the topics covered was the current financial crisis, which IIRE Fellow Catherine Samary furnished especially for the young activists.


All talks have been recorded and will soon be available on the upcoming IIRE Podcast.

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Activiteiten Jongeren school 24 Attend Annual IIRE Youth School