Activiteiten Eco-socialistische school Help the Global Justice School 2011

Help the Global Justice School 2011

After the success of the Youth School in August, and the encouraging results of the Asian Global Justice School in Manila, the IIRE prepares for its main annual educational effort: the Global Justice School in Amsterdam. This year's program will be divided in three modules: “The global crisis”, “The ecological crisis” and “Strategy, program and the building of parties”.

The assistance to this school will be even more international than the Youth School: we will certainly receive participants from Pakistan, Indonesia, Philipines, Peru, México, and Brazil.

Organising inter-continental, residential educational sessions is costly, and can only happen thanks to generous donations. As a radical anti-capitalist research centre, the IIRE does not have access to major funds or big donors. We run on an exceptionally low budget, and can only have activities thanks to volunteers and donors. We want to keep the participation fee as low as possible, so that the financial costs do not prevent comrades for participating. We therefore solicit befriended organisations and individuals to give a donation for the Global Justice School. The money will primarily be aimed to pay travels from Third World Countries.

Donations can be send via paypal here.

An ordinary bank transfer can be made to:


Address: Postbus 1962 1000 BZ Amsterdam Account number: 1039161 (Name of bank: Postbank) IBAN: NL55INGB0001039161 BIC: INGBNL2A

All donations should go to the befriended SOWS foundation.

Activiteiten Eco-socialistische school Help the Global Justice School 2011