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This second seminar is a follow-up of the seminar on the economic crisis held in October 2-4 2009. The first seminar was dedicated to the analysis of the immediate consequences of the so-called “subprime crisis” in the USA, namely the rescue of bankrupt banks with public money, the demise of international financial markets, and the deep recession that followed with its dramatic consequences in terms of massive dismissals and increase of poverty.



Since its origin, the IIRE combines the organization of seminars and educationals with the publication of books and Notebooks for Study and Research, which aim at making the results of the Institute research accessible for a large audience. It is the spirit of the Notebooks for Study and Research Series, which reaches today its number 50. This series had begun in 1986 with an exceptional contribution: “La place du marxisme dans l'histoire” by Ernest Mandel. This book, number one of the Notebooks for Study and Research, was the result of a series of seminars Ernest Mandel had given at the IIRE.

iire manila

From 17th of July until the 7th of August 2011, the IIRE Manila, the sister organization of the IIRE based in the Philippines, held its third Asian Global Justice School. Like the yearly Global Justice Schools in Amsterdam, this school aims to provide a space for debate, exchange of information, knowledge and experiences and networking between international social justice activists - but with a specific focus on the Asia-Pacific region and Asia in general.

Twelve participants from six different countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia) made the school a success. Similar to the previous Asian Global Justice Schools, the session was divided in three parts: the Asian context, challenges for progressive movements and forms of organizing to change society, but this year more focus was given on the issue of oppression of sexual minorities. Of course, the continuing economic crisis as well as the impact of the Arab Spring colored many discussions.