L'Institut Equipe


Notre équipe actuelle est composée de:

  • Co-Directeur - Alex Merlo
  • Co-Directeur - Alex de Jong
  • Directeur commercial - Aat van Wijk
  • Bibliothécaire - Arend van de Poel



Alex de Jong studied history at the University of Amsterdam. He was editor of the socialist journal Grenzeloos and worked at solidarity fund XminY. He has a special interest in Left movements in the Asia-Pacific region.

Maral Jefroudi studied Political Science, Sociology and History at the Bogazici University, Istanbul and the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.  She was a fellow at MacMillan Area Studies Center at Yale University in 2010 and Weatherhead Initiative on Global History at Harvard University in 2013. She was a member of Freedom and Solidarity Party in Turkey and was active in the organization of Social Forum movement and the World Tribunal on Iraq. She is fluent in Turkish, Persian, and English.

She is one of the two IIRE codirectors since October 2014.

Arend van de Poel (1948) was born in Amsterdam. In 1966 he became involved in the Vietnam-movement and became a member of the SJ (Socialist Youth). He soon developed towards a revolutionary socialist position and when the Dutch section re-entered the Fourth International, he became a member. He worked from 1973 as a financial specialist for the municipality of Amsterdam and took part in major trade union activities, some related to pay and working conditions, some more political, such as the demonstrations of civil servants against deployment of cruise missiles and against racial discrimination

Aat van Wijk studied printing design and photography and was chairperson of the Den Haag union local of workers in the printing industry. He also has years of experience running his own theatre and later an Indonesian restaurant. In the sixties he became politically active and he was a member of the Red Youth until its dissolution.