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The Spanish Revolution 3

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Bensaïd talks about the question of party-building in 1933, around the same time Trotsky saw the radicalisation in the socialist party. In 1934 Trotsky launched a proposal for the Spanish communist left to enter the Socialist Party. Bensaïd provides an in-depth discussion -both contextual and theoretical- of this entryist proposition. He then discusses the National question in party-building and formation of POUM. Bensaïd then moves on the discussions around Popular Front, with contextual information on the parties involved, and the 1936 elections. After this followed the coup d'etat in July 1936, the responses by the left parties and workers, and the beginning of the civil war. Bensaïd discusses the dissolution of communities, excessive nationalisation, military help of the Soviet Union and the Fifth Regiment.


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