Cinzia Arruzza

cinziaCinzia Arruzza is Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York and was appointed an IIRE Fellow in 2011. She is author of the IIRE Notebook for Study and Research, The dangerous relationships, Marriage and divorces between Marxism and feminism. Originally written in Italian this book has already been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. German and Turkish translations are underway and an English edition is planned for publication by the IIRE at the end of 2011. 

Arruzza hosted a gender panel at the 2011 Left Forum to discuss the overcoming of an approach based on the establishment of a hierarchy of priorities between oppressions.

Dr Arruzza is author of numerous articles and a book, Les Mésaventures de la théodicée. Plotin, Origène et Grégoire de Nysse. She is also editor of Pensare con Marx, ripensare Marx. Teorie per il nostro tempo and of “Cosa vogliamo? Vogliamo tutto”. Il Sessantotto quarant’anni dopo.