Activités Séminaires Program of the 2nd Economy Seminar 2011

Program of the 2nd Economy Seminar 2011

Friday morning 18 November 2011:

9h00 to 9h15: Welcome and presentation of the seminar.

9h15 to 10H00. The emergence of a multipolar world and the new face of imperialism. Speaker: Cedric Durand, France.

10h00 – 10h45: Debate.10H45- 11H15: The return of the food and energy crisis: structural problems and/or financial speculation? Speaker: Sean Thompson, UK.

11H15 – 12H00: Debate.

12h00 to 13h30 Lunch


Friday afternoon.

13h30 to 14h30: The economic background of the political rebellion in North Africa and the Middle-East. Possible speakers: Adam Hanieh (UK).

14h30 to 14h45: Pause

14h45 to 15h30: Debate

15H30 to 15H45: Pause

15h45 to 16h45: The state of the economy in Latin America. Speaker, Claudio Katz (Argentina)

16H45 to 17H00: Pause.

17H to 18h00: Debate

19h00: Dinner.


Saturday morning, 19 November

9h00 to 9H30: Introduction to the special debate on Europe: new developments of the crisis in Europe: the debt trap. Speaker: Eric Toussaint, 30 minutes.

9h30-10h30: Exiting the Eurozone: a good or bad solution? Speakers, 20 minutes each: Costas Lapavitsas (UK), Michel Husson, Philippe Légé (France)

10h30 to 10H45: Pause

10h45 to 11h10: alternatives on the debt and fiscal crisis in Europe. Speaker Özlem Onaran (UK), 25 minutes.

11H10 to 12H30: debate.

12h30 to 14h00 Lunch

Saturday afternoon.

14H00 to 14H50: debate.

14h50 to 15h30: Conclusions on Europe: agreement, disagreements and proposals, Costas, Michel, Philippe, Eric and Özlem, 8 minutes each.

15h30-15h45: Pause

15H45 to 16H45: The state of the crisis in the USA. Joel Geier, ISO, (USA).

16h45-17h00: Pause

17h00 to 18h00: Debate

19h00: Dinner.


Sunday morning, 20 November

9h00 to 9H45: Presentation: The Chinese economy and its impact on world growth. Speaker: Jean Sanuk (France).

9h45 to 10h00: Pause.

10h00 to 10h45 Debate

10h45 to 11h30: The economic and political situation in South Africa. Speaker: Brian Ashley, South Africa, (to be confimed).

11h30 to 12h15: debate on Africa.

12H15-13H30: Lunch Sunday afternoon.

13H30 to 14H00: Closure of the seminar

14H00: Departure

Activités Séminaires Program of the 2nd Economy Seminar 2011