Session on ecology


L'École Jeunes 2011 de l'IIRF s'est terminée le 31 août dernier. Le bilan final des participants reflète l'intensité de cette expérience d'apprentissage et la qualité générale des présentations.
26 participants venant de 11 pays différents, ont vécu ensemble pendant dix jours pour étudier, lire et discuter. Vinicius Almeida (du PSoL Brésil) décrit ainsi l'arrivée a l'institut dans son blog:


Anybody who is politically active and discussed with others about the possibility of a different society will have heard arguments like 'what you want is all very nice but it will never work, that is just not the way people are'. Ecological activists are confronted with the question what human needs need to be fulfilled to ensure a good life. Anybody living in a society characterized by grotesque consumerism, commofidication of human relationships, the marginalization of cultural and sexual minorities, and increasingly precarious working conditions feels a need to develop values that can give direction to their lives.




The school, which is aimed at young activists from around the world, will take place from 20 to 31 August in the IIRE (International Institute for Research and Education) in Amsterdam. It aims to provide training for intervening into social struggles with a global perspective. 

Ernesto, an Izquierda Anticapitalista activist in Cadiz, summed up the daily life at last year’s school.

"We were all there with a clear objective, to become good cadres to one day make the revolution. The political tension was felt from half past eight in the morning hours until the following day’s sunrise. A quick breakfast preceded three intense hours of brilliant presentations by a number of illustrious experts, who over ten days would simply become our friends and colleagues.