Through the years, the IIRE has used different venues to develop and diffuse left-wing ideas. Aside from our courses, an important pillar of our work is our publication program. We have published over 50 issues of our Notebooks for Study and Research, currently in cooperation with left-wing publisher Merlin Press. We have also produced Working Papers: working documents that often form the basis of future publications and serve to stimulate discussion for newer drafts. A third outlet is our website on which we publish audio- and video-recordings of our courses.

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Notebooks for Study and Research

The results of the IIRE's work are made available to a larger public in large part through our publication series, the Notebooks for Study and Research. Since 1986 we have published dozens of issues of the Notebooks. The Notebooks focus on themes of contemporary debate or historical or theoretical importance, sometimes based on lectures given in sessions in our Institute. Since 1998 they were published as a book series in collaboration with Pluto Press in London and since 2010 in cooperation with Merlin Press. Different issues of the Notebooks have also appeared in languages besides English, including French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Danish and Russian.

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Todos nuestros documentos de trabajo están disponibles en formato PDF.

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Class Struggle and Technological Innovation in Japan since 1945

Muto Ichiyo

IIRE Notebook for Study and Research no. 5 (48 pp. €2.75, £2, $3.25)

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In the 1980s, free enterprise ideologues often presented Japan as a model of social harmony and economic dynamism. The essays included in this Notebook describe the real situation of postwar Japanese workers and unravel the mechanisms of the apparent Japanese consensus, in many cases akin to authoritarian suppression of independent thinking. Moto Ichiyo explains how the strategic choices made by the labour movement in the 1950s and '60s laid the basis for the later rightward shift. In the framework of a Marxist analysis, he deals in original and dialectical fashion with the changing relations between the US and Japan, the links between the Liberal Democratic Party and the masses, and the effects of Japanese-style rationalization (gorika) on workers' power on the shop floor.

Moto Ichiyo is a collaborator of the English-language periodical AMPO: Japan-Asia Quarterly. As both participant in and witness of the rise, decline and crisis of the Japanese New Left, he has written many articles about the situation in Japan: the politics of the regime, various popular struggles and the labour movement.


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Revolutionary Strategy Today

Daniel Bensaïd

IIRE Notebook for Study and Research no. 4 (36 pp. €3.25, £2, $3.25)

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 Since the rise of capitalism, socialists have faced certain deep-seated obstacles: the hostility of the bourgeois state, the fitful curve of proletarian class-consciousness, and the inertia or active opposition of apparatuses originally built by the workers for struggle. Daniel Bensaïd reviews the answers to these problems given in the 'classical' period of the Marxist movement. He then examines them in light of events in Southern Europe and Latin America in the 1960s and 1970s, including the growth and diversification of the state, growing aspirations to self-management, multiple forms of dual power and the experience of left reformist governments.

Daniel Bensaïd was born in 1946. He was active in the French student and anti-imperialist movements that led up to May 1968. Drawing the lessons of the failure of the general strike, he emerged as one of the main advocates of building an independent radical left. He taught sociology at the University of Paris and was an IIRE Fellow until his death in 2010. His many published works include: Portugal: la révolution en marche (1975), Mai si! rebelles et repentis (with Alain Krivine, 1988), Le pari mélancolique (1997) and Les irréductibles: théorèmes de la résistance à l'air du temps (2001) and Strategies of Resistance (2009).


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The Chinese Revolution

I: The Second Chinese Revolution and the shaping of the Maoist Outlook

II: The Maoist Project Tested in the Struggle for Power

Pierre Rousset


IIRE Notebook for Study and Research no. 2 (32 pp. €1.75, £1.50, $2.25) & no. 3 (48 pp. €2.75, £2, $3.25)

The Chinese revolution of 1949 was one of the most important experiences in the history of twentieth-century national liberation movements. It triggered wide-ranging debates among, and often inside, revolutionary currents around the world. The Chinese regime's turn towards the market since the death of Mao Zedong make it all the more important to understand the revolution's distinctive origins and strange destiny. The first part of Pierre Rousset's study deals with the 1920s: the second Chinese revolution of 1925-27, its lessons, the evolution of the Communist movement, the emergence of Maoism and the beginning of the antagonism that developed between the Chinese CP leadership under Mao and the Soviet leadership under Stalin. The second part examines the 1930s and '40s: the anti-Japanese united front, the revolutionary strategy pursued during the third Chinese revolution, and the foundations of the regime established

in 1949. Rousset invites readers to join in collective reflection on the historical constraints that revolutions face and the means of coping with them.

Pierre Rousset was born in 1946. He has been active on the French left since the 1960s and participated in many solidarity campaigns with national liberation struggles, particularly with Indochina and other Southeast Asian countries. He has produced several studies on Vietnam, in-cluding two books, Le Parti communiste vietnamien (1975) and Nationalisme et Communisme au Vietnam (1978), and the essay 'The Peculiarities of Vietnamese Com-munism' in The Stalinist Legacy (1984). He has travelled extensively in East Asia and regularly contributes articles on the region to several periodicals. He is an IIRE Fellow and former director.


To download this book in PDF-format, click the following links:

English: Part 1 , Part 2

French: Part 1 , Part 2  



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On the occasion of the publication of the biography 'Ernest Mandel. Rebel tussen droom en daad'.

The International Institute for Social History (IISH) and the International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE)

request the pleasure of your company on
Thursday May 10th at 16.00 at the IISH (Adama van Scheltema zaal), Cruquiusweg 31, Amsterdam

Lectures by Dr. Jan Willem Stutje, author van Mandels biography, and Dr. Michael Krätke, Associate Professor of Political Economy and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam on Mandels Marxism.

The main language during the event will be Dutch.

The book launch will be followed by a reception
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