Donations from friends and comrades have made an essential contribution to the building of our library. We are always looking ways to expand our collection. We are especially interested in works on the workers movement, the radical Left and revolutionary thought. Donating books to the IIRE library is a great way to ensure they are well kept and remain accessible. Our main working languages are English, French and Spanish but we are interested in texts in other languages as well. Do you have new or old books that might be interesting for us? Then please contact us.


From the 20th to the 31st august 2013 the IIRE holds it's 8th Youth School. 23 young activists from eight different countries (Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Spanish State, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Philippines) participate in the session. During these ten days, they live together, self organising the practical life in the institute, attending the lectures and discussing their content and the social and political situation in their different countries.

The IIRE staff is recording video and audios of the lectures, and posting them together with the reading materials for each day, thus making the school accesible to a wide audience.

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