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Recent books




  • The Transitional Program for Socialist Revolution,
    Leon Trotsky, Daniel Bensaïd, John Riddell.
  • Fascism and the far right in Europe,
    Piers Mostyn, Alf Filer, Dave Rosenburg.
  • Dangerous relationships, Marriage and divorces between Marxism and feminism, Cinzia Arruzza, Penelope Duggan.
  • Palestine in Crisis,
    Camile Dagher, Cinzia Nachira, Roland Rance.
  • Returns of Marxism,
    Sara Farris, Joost Kircz.
  • The thought of Leon Trotsky,
    Denise Avenas, Michael Löwy, Jean-Michel Krivine.
  • Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory (Third Edition),
    Ernest Mandel, Özlem Onaran, Raphie de Santos.

Other Notebooks in progress include volumes on:

  • LGBT strategies
  • A introductory Marxist reader
  • Women and the crisis
  • China in transition
  • Struggles of Indigeneous People in Latin America
  • Ernest Mandel's Argent et le pouvoir (in French)
  • Ecology and socialism
  • Daniel Bensaïd.