Pierre Frank's history of the Fourth International, in a new expanded edition


We live in an age where everything has been internationalised. Imperialism brought in its wake world politics and world economics. In 'The Long March of the Trotskyists: Contributions to the history of the Fourth International', the new book from the IIRE, Pierre Frank explains how the Fourth International, founded in 1938 by Revolutionary Marxist militants, nuclei, currents and organizations, answered the problem of the construction of anti-capitalist, revolutionary political formations.


Pierre Frank is a name familiar to almost every attendee at the IIRE, since his library represents the largest single gift to the IIRE's study centre, and was one of the earliest donations we received. His book on the Fourth International, long out of print in English, has been brought up to date in a new expanded edition.

As Ernest Mandel's biographical essay explains, Frank was secretary to Leon Trotsky in 1932-1933. This book draws on Frank's experience as a central leader of the Fourth International through to 1979. Daniel Bensaïd's appendix explains the following 30 years of the Fourth International life. Two contributions develop its perspective of establishing a new independent political representation of the working class that takes into account the diversity of the working class in defending a resolutely class-based programme: a statement by founders of the French LCR explaining its decision to dissolve into the NPA; and the key resolution adopted by the Fourth International's 2009 world congress.


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