IIRE Second Ecology Seminar 2013 Conferences


General report:
Daniel Tanuro - The worsening of the capitalist ecological crisis: A challenge for ecosocialism (General Report)


Klaus Engert - The history of the German antinuclear movement

Ritxi Abaitua and Txaru Martin Ureta - Ecological struggles in Euskadi

Vincent Gay and Christine Poupin - The fight against the Notre Dame des Landes airport in the West of France

Michaël Löwy - The ecosocialist struggles of indigenous peoples in Latin America

Third conference:

Alexandre Costa - Climate Change and the Fight against oil auctions in Brazil


Paul Prescod - Building a new ecosocialist movement in the USA

Mariano member of I.A - The struggles against the privatisation of water in Aragon

Mabel Carumba co-director of IIRE-Manila - Philippines, organic farming and food sovereignty in Mindanao

Isabelle Magkoeva - The fight against the destruction of the forest near Moscow and against other mega projects in Russia

Juan Tortosa - The activities of the ecosocialist anticapitalist group in Geneva, Switzerland

Terry Conway ( leadership of Socialist Resistance) - Socialist Resistance , adaptation of it’s the ecosocialist program and the campaign against climate change in Great Britain

Susan Caldwell (Quebec Solidaire) - The Canadian State and the exploitation of tar-sands, its consequences for the global climate by Canada