Gilbert Achcar

Professor of Development Studies and International Relations at the London School of Oriental and African Studies

Gilbert Achcar (born 1951 in Senegal) is a Lebanese-French academic, writer, and socialist activist. He is currently Professor of Development Studies and International Relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Gilbert has degrees in Philosophy (ESL, Beirut), Social Sciences (UL, Beirut) and Social History/International Relations (University of Paris-VIII). He taught and/or researched in various universities and research centres in Beirut, Berlin and Paris. Gilbert's research interests and publication topics include: the political economy and sociology of globalisation, the global power structure and grand strategy, empire theory and the unfolding of US hegemony globally and in the 'Broader Middle East', politics and development economics of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, the sociology of religion in general, of Islam and Islamic fundamentalism in particular, social change and social theory.


He is a frequent contributor to Le Monde Diplomatique, ZNet, and International Viewpoint.


Selected publication:

2007. (with Noam Chomsky) Perilous Power: The Middle East and U.S. Foreign Policy, 276 pp. Hamish Hamilton (UK). 2007. (with Michel Warschawski) The 33-Day War: Israel's War on Hezbollah in Lebanon and its Consequences, 128 pp. Saqi (UK). 
2006. The Clash of Barbarisms: The Making of the New World Disorder, 2d augmented edition, 192 pp. Saqi (UK). 
2006. The Israeli Dilemma: A Debate between Two Left-Wing Jews. Letters between Marcel Liebman and Ralph Miliband, Selection, introduction and epilogue by Gilbert Achcar, 82 pp. Merlin Press (UK). 
2004. Eastern Cauldron: Islam, Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq in a Marxist Mirror, 287 pp. Pluto (UK). 
Chapter in books:
2006. 'Seven Theses on the Current Period, the War and the Anti-War Movement', pp. 315-322, in ed(s) Richard Falk, Irene Gendzier and Robert Jay Lifton, Crimes of War: Iraq, Nation Books (USA). 
2000. 'The Strategic Triad: the United States, Russia and China' and 'Rasputin Plays at Chess: How the West Blundered into a New Cold War, pp. 57-144, in ed(s) Tariq Ali, Masters of the Universe?, Verso (UK). 
Journal articles:
2004. 'Maxime Rodinson on Islamic Fundamentalism', Middle East Report, Washington, 233: 2-4.