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As well as our own seminars and schools, the IIRE regularly hosts meetings, seminars, and congresses organized by collaborators and partner organizations. The IIRE building is an excellent venue for all kinds of activities, and we are happy to make the most of it. Proposals and requests are welcome!

From Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th of November the 13th annual Historical Materialism conference will take place in London. The theme this year is 'Limits, Barriers and Borders'. Organized by the journal of the same name, the Historical Materialism conferences are spaces for discussion, debate and the launching of collective projects. Several friends and co-workers of the IIRE will participate, presenting papers, chairing meetings or otherwise participating in the event.

Meetings with contributions from co-workers and fellows of the IIRE include:
'Marxism, Science and Nature' with Joost Kircz on 'Science: model, icon, and the subjective factor'.
'What constitutes a Marxist approach to science?' with Joost Kircz on '4 ways of dealing with science and Marxism in the 21st century'.
'Marxism, sexuality and politics' with Peter Drucker on 'Shifting Boundaries: Europe, heteronationalism and homonationalism in political economy and history'.
'Marxism and Labour' Marcel Van Der Linden 'Global labour: a not so grand finale and perhaps a new beginning'.

The book launch of 'The Politics of Everybody: Feminism, Queer Theory, and Marxism at the Intersection' with Peter Drucker.

Roundtable ion the Marxism/Feminism Stream; 'Social Reproduction Feminism. HISTORICAL MATERIALISM SPECIAL ISSUE, 24.2 with Sara Farris.

 IIRE fellows are also chairing different meetings such Sara Faris for the meetings on 'Marxism and Turkish politics' and 'Women’s Work, Violence, Re/Production'.

 The full programme can be found on the Historical Material website conference website.

Participants in a previous Eococialist SchoolDear friends of the IIRE,

In less than two months, we will again have our annual Ecosocialist School. This school is a unique opportunity for activists to come together, learn, exchange experiences and build networks. But organising such an event is expensive. We try to keep participation costs as low as possible and in addition to that we help cover the travel costs of people from the Global South.

Right now, we are finalizing our participants’ list for the Ecosocialist School 2016 (18 November-9 December). We have applications from Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua, Congo, Argentina, Germany, France, USA, Lebanon, Denmark, and Venezuela. This years’ youth school involved 23 participants from 13 countries. It clearly showed us that the more varied the experiences of the participants, the richer the discussions are. We would like to keep the school as diverse as possible. However, airfares are far above the budget of our participants from the Global South. That’s why we make this call for donations for the travel expenses of the participants from the Global South. We especially need aid for participants from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Venezuela and Lebanon. Any amount will help us. If you wish, you can specify the country of the participant you want to support. You can find the practical information here. Please earmark your donations as ESS Travel aid. Many thanks!


Maral Jefroudi,
Alex de Jong

Six years ago we lost our friend and comrade Daniel Bensaïd. As a revolutionary activist and marxist philosopher, Bensaïd made important contributions to the work of our institute. Several of his books can be ordered through our website, such as Strategies of Resistance. We also sell his fascinating autobiography, published in English by Verso books: An impatient life: a political memoir by Daniel Bensaïd. Two of the notebooks Bensaïd wrote for the IIRE are available for download: The formative years of the Fourth International (1933-1938) and Revolutionary Strategy Today.

We are happy to announce that the recordings of a number of the lectures he gave in Amsterdam are now available online. In these lectures, given in the eighties, nineties and early after the turn of the century, Bensaïd discusses the marxist concepts of the party, the Spanish and Cuban revolutions, aspects of the history of the Fourth International and other topics.

You can find the recordings here.

In the first four months of 2015, 1,770 Africans and Asians drowned on their way to Europe. With the death toll in the Mediterranean rising by the thousands, the European Union has showed once again that it is ready to pay the price of lives lost at sea in order to maintain the myth of sovereignty over its borders.

REINFORM cordially invites you to a discussion over the human rights cost of the EU closing the gates to unwanted outsiders, and the fair distribution of refugees in the European Union.

Big part of the mainstream media engaged in a debate over the damage caused by the “huge” migration flows to Europe. They did not hesitate to weigh the struggle for survival of people fleeing persecution, war, and need, against the complaints of discomforted tourists in the Greek holiday islands.

We wish not only to raise an alternative voice, but also to question underlying assumptions and stereotypes: Why is the movement of people from the South to the North “illegal”? What are the implications of the Dublin system? What is the human rights cost of border policing? What forms of resistance are possible?

Mariana Gkliati, PhD researcher, Leiden University
Joke Kaviaar, migration activist, AAGU
Pim Fischer, lawyer

The discussion will be moderated by
Kleoniki Alexopoulou, PhD researcher, University of Wageningen
Time: 15.00
Free entrance
FB event

We are very happy to join the efforts of Unofficial Histories 2015 to open up history beyond the official and the mainstream.
As the conference takes place in Amsterdam this year, we have the opportunity to support this inspiring initiative and host the screening of Rebelse Stad / Rebellious City at our institute.
Come and spread the word!
Please join the FB event.

This month we are showing movies that are dedicated to break the silence imposed by official histories and/ or give voice to the movements that organize and fight against injustice and inequality.

On April 9th, we start with Shadow Play. Shadow Play is an account of a hidden chapter of Indonesia’s history, the 1965-66 massacres that gave birth to General Suharto’s New Order in Indonesia. Through interviews with journalists covering the story, the film reveals the secret war of propaganda and media manipulation waged by the Indonesian army and actively aided by the governments of the United States, Britain and Australia.

On April 16th, we show Let's Not Live Like Slaves by Yannis Youlountas. We organize the screening together with ReInform. This is an account of the Greek resistance. A French-Greek film which is based on testimonies of resistance in terms of self-organization, solidarity and autonomy.

On April 30th, we will show Wij Zijn Hier, a recent documentary made by Alexandra Jansse narrating the story of one of the most vibrant movements in the Netherlands, Wij Zijn Hier, a self-organised refugee group in Amsterdam. this screening will take place with the presence of the director, Alexandra Jansse and Wij Zijn Hier activists.

Apart from the movie on April 30th, which will have an entrance fee of 5 euro to contribute to costs of the movie, there will be no entrance fee but a donation box for those who can support our activities.

We will serve tasty homemade soup and drinks for friendly prices.

Come and spread the word!

afbeelding: Cüneyt Çetinkaya, Galata FotoğrafhanesiEen dag georganiseerd door Gezi Solidariteit Nederland, in samenwerking met IIRE, ter gelegenheid van 100 jaar na de Armeense genocide.

Taal: Nederlands & Turks


13:00 Introductie door by Kubilay Basci en Ohannes Karakas

13:20 Presentaties door Gezi Solidariteit Nederlands group

- "Armeens- Turkse literatuur in het late Ottomaanse rijk door Demet Altun

- “Armeens links: Levon Ekmekciyan en de Federatie van 78’” door Füsun Erdogan

- “Onbekende geschiedennisen van beroemde Armeniers in Turkije” door Nil Celik

14:20 vertoning van de documentaire: “Nahide’nin Türküsü”

15:00 - 15:30 Pauze

15:30 Spreker: Emre Erol

Over: “Een nieuwe geschiedschrijving van de Armeense genocide? Uitdagingen en kansen'

15:50 Spreekster: Haygan Mardikjan

Over haar boek “Roep van de kraanvogel: in de voetsporen van mijn armeense grootouders, overlevers van de genocide”

16:10 Korte video

16:30 Vragen en antwoorden

17:00 Kort concert van Ilda Simonian

17:30 Einde van het programma

Georganiseerd door Gezi Solidariteit Nederland, in samenwerking met IIRE.

The women’s commission of the Fourth International is organising a women’s seminar from 4th of 8th July inclusive.

We want to strengthen our analysis and theory in order better to participate in current discussions in the feminist movement and also integrate the different generations of women members of the Fourth International in these debates.

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