Activities Ecosocialist School Everything ready for the Global Justice School 2011

Everything ready for the Global Justice School 2011

This year, the IIRE will once again hold its Global Justice School, a central educational event for activists world-wide. The preparatory works have now reached their final point, with the definitive program confirmed, and 23 out of 26 participant places covered. You can see the final program here. The participants will all be members of far-left political or social organizations coming from 17 different countries: Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Ecuador, United States, France, Great Britain, Indonesia, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tunisia.

The program aims to give the basic tools for a critical analysis of the world situation, and of strategies for social transformation, starting from on an internationalist perspective. The first module will be centered on a Marxist analysis of the international economic crisis, and the changes in the composition of the working class and the consequences of the crisis for oppressed peoples/groups in the world. The second module will focus on the ecological crisis, and the third on the effects of the crisis and the resistances throughout the world, as well as on the methods for organization and strategies for social change. One of the main new elements this year will be the presence of Dan La Botz, activist and scholar from the USA, who will come especially to give the lecture on the changes in the emergence of the “new” working class. There will also be a whole day on the Arab revolutions by a specialist on this question.

Each day, a different speaker will introduce the discussions with a two-hours lecture, which will be simultaneously translated into the three languages of the school: English, Spanish, French. The participants will have prepared the issue with daily readings chosen by the lecturers and printed and given out by the IIRE team. In the afternoon, the participants will be divided in language groups, to exchange and discuss without the need for translation. The day will end with a plenary session, in which the group conclusions will be shared and a debate with the lecturer will take place. As important as the lectures and the formal discussions will be the exchanges of experiences and the living together during three weeks for activists from all over the world. All the domestic tasks will be done collectively and in a self-organized way by the participants and the IIRE staff. 

The School is possible thanks to the efforts of the organizations who send participants, and who pay part of the travel costs, and also thanks to the donations the IIRE has received from friends who express their solidarity specifically for this activity. The IIRE website will publish the contents of the lecturers to enable a wider public to follow the school from where they live .

Activities Ecosocialist School Everything ready for the Global Justice School 2011