IIRE Activities

IIRE Activities


The IIRE organizes different activities, such as debates, studies and symposiums. We regularily arrange evening courses, but also organise longer lasting schools for activists from social movements around the world.

IIRE Second Ecology Seminar 2013 - Caldwell

Susan Caldwell (Quebec Solidaire) - The Canadian State and the exploitation of tar-sands, its consequences for the global climate by Canada

Powerpoint presentation

Audio in English:

IIRE Second Ecology Seminar 2013 - Conway

Terry Conway ( leadership of Socialist Resistance) - Socialist Resistance , adaptation of it’s the ecosocialist program and the campaign against climate change in Great Britain


IIRE Second Ecology Seminar 2013 - Tortosa

Juan Tortosa - The activities of the ecosocialist anticapitalist group in Geneva, Switzerland

Audio in English:

Audio in French:

IIRE Second Ecology Seminar 2013 - Mariano

Mariano member of I.A - The struggles against the privatisation of water in Aragon

IIRE Second Ecology Seminar 2013 - Gay, Poupin

Vincent Gay and Christine Poupin - The fight against the Notre Dame des Landes airport in the West of France

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  • Evening Lectures

    Beginning October 2007 the IIRE will regularly host lectures on various issues that the Institute and our partners and fellows work with. All lectures are open to the public. Where nothing else is announced the working language will be English, simultaneous translation to English will be provided when the lecture is in another language.

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  • Youth School

    What is the Youth Shcool?


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