Activiteiten Eco-socialistische school Ecosocialist School 2012

Ecosocialist School 2012


Between the 24th and the 15th December 2012, the IIRE is helding its Ecosocialist School. Nineteen young activists from fifteen different countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Niger, Spanish State, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Turkey, United States) participate in the session. During these three weeks, they will live together, self organise the practical life in the institute, attend the lectures and discuss their content and the social and political situation in their different countries.  

First Module: The systemic crisis of capitalism, consequences for the exploited and the oppressed
Alex Merlo Introduction to our critical marxism
Marijke Colle Women and the crisis of the capitalist system
Alex de Jong Imperialism today
Dan La Botz The new working class
Nadia de Mond A Marxist-feminist view on gender
Jaime Pastor Marxism and the national question
Nacho Álvarez The global economic crisis
Second module: The crisis of civilisation and our ecosocialist alternative
Daniel Tanuro Marx, Engels and Nature
Jack Whitman Food crisis
Marijke Colle Climate crisis
Catherine Samary Our socialist project
Pierre Rousset Revolutionary strategy in the twenty first century
Third module: Struggles and political challenges throughout the world
Pierre Rousset Dynamics of the left forces in Asia
Christian Babel The dynamics of the "Arab spring"
Franck Gaudichaud The left, popular nationalisms and anticapitalisms in Latin America
Alan Thornett The crisis in Europe
Paul Martial The current transformation in Africa
Penny Duggan Internationalism and the Fourth International