ACTIVIDADES Seminarios Call to support seminars

Call to support seminars

The IIRE is planning its programme of activities for 2015. Two seminars are already confirmed.

In July we will hold our fifth women's liberation seminar. Previous seminars have dealt with topics such the relationship between feminism and ecology, the impact of religious fundamentalism on women's lives, the fight for women's right to control their own bodies in reproductive rights and against violence and abuse as well as women as political and movement activists. This year, the focus will be on the relationship between capitalism and women's oppression and experiences of the feminist movement worldwide, where we aim to focus on experiences in Africa, Asia and the Arab region.

In the autumn, a seminar will focus on the question of the social forces that can be the impetus behind movements for emancipation, and how the class structure has evolved in globalized capitalism. This will follow on from a seminar we held this autumn looking at how imperialism functions today and the geopolitical chaos that exists in the world.

Also in the planning stage for 2015 or 2016 are a seminar on the rise of racism in Europe, the growth of the xenophobic far right and an exchange of experiences between activists is anti-racist and migrants’ movement; and another on the process and contradictions of European unification.

In spring 2015 we will bring together the Fellows who contribute to our educational schools for a periodic evaluation and renewal of our regular school programme, using the assimilating the contributions from our different thematic seminars.

IIRE seminars bring together activists from across the world for period of 2 to 5 days, providing an opportunity not only to reflect on the political challenges facing social justice activists, but also to take new initiatives. Previous seminars have led to various publications and the formation and continuation of international networks.

Earlier this year, we organized two seminars: one on strategies for LGBT activity; and another on global economic turbulence. Papers and recordings from that seminar can be found here. We want to thank our donors who made these activities possible.

We need your help to make our activities really international. Donations make it possible for African, Latin American and Asian participants to attend. Please make a donation, mentioning “seminars” to:

Address: Postbus 1962, 1000 BZ, Amsterdam

IBAN : NL55INGB0001039161


Bank:ING (Postbus 1800, 1102 BW, Amsterdam)

More information on donations can be found here.

ACTIVIDADES Seminarios Call to support seminars